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Snowshoe workshop and hike

Practical day that combines a hike and a workshop. First, we walk together for about an hour, collecting the necessary material from nature to make fast and functional snowshoes.

Hike “Know the land”

A 3-4 hour peaceful trip to the swamp in search of the Great Spirit. On this journey, we dedicate ourselves to discovering the power of nature around us and within us.

Hike “Clear your head”

Up to 3-hour snowshoe trip to the bog. A nice respite in the fascinating swamp world.

A pristine two-day hike

On a 2-day journey through swamps, forests, bogs and cultural landscapes, you can get an idea of the life of real nomads.

Gatherers delight

This package includes a birch tree or spruce basket workshop and a blueberry gathering hike in the bog. We sew handsome baskets in the Indian style with fir roots.

Swamp Discovery Tour

Searchers of distant lands and exotic places will be surprised to discover on this trip how close the other world we are looking for is.

The tracker’s hike

Elk, fox, wolf, lynx or bear. We will follow whoever has set a path for us with their latest trail line.

Midsummer’s Night Swamp Tour

A swamp is not the friendliest environment at midday in the buzzing summer heat. Instead, sunsets in the sun’s warm rays and early mornings with iridescent dewdrops are charged with magical energy.

Canoe trip with tipi picnic

This incredibly light vessel, well-manoeuvrable and carrying many goods, originally made of birch wood, was one of the most valuable gifts to the Whites.

Canoe trips with a tipi

We offer one- and two-day canoe trips with an Indian tipi picnic or an overnight stay in a tipi.

Survival / Bushcraft

Survival and bushcraft

The only hiking trail for survival training in Estonia. At the exciting survival huts along the route, there are tutorials and tools to train the skills you need to survive in the forest.

Snowshoe crafting workshop

In the guided workshop, each participant can make their snowshoes and test their handiwork on the enormous marsh massif that starts near the campsite.

Accessory crafting workshops

We also offer slightly simpler workshops for making different items from natural materials.

Birch or spruce bark basket making workshop

The basket workshop is a pleasantly grounding tinkering. Natural materials and manual work. These are the values that we are starting to re-appreciate more and more.

Tipi village


The group closed in the enclosure has precisely 1 hour to escape. A fun adventure where you have to use attention, smarts and cooperation.

Wild west skills tournament

Games and dexterity tests from the paths of the Wild West will test your tribe in handling the weapons used by wild peoples and in dexterity games.

Company event in Tipi village

If you’re going to leave, leave for real. Off the asphalt, off the gravel road, onto a soft nature trail, out of the square houses, off the grid.

Birthday in the Prairie

Whether summer or winter, the rustic and close-to-nature Tipi village offers the most exciting environment and activities regardless of the birthday child’s age.

Bachelor party in Tipi village

What could be a more suitable surprise for a soon-to-be-married man than to spend a day full of practical and manly activities in our Tipi village with his best friends?

Field trip to the prairie

Everyone is gifted with some special gift, and the prairie tribes knew how to value it, especially for children.

Tribal meeting brainstorming/training

Prairie tribes respected good meetings. A lot depended on these meetings, you cannot survive in the wild without good ideas.

Introduction to Tipi Village

About life and survival, tribe and nomadic tipi. Life of men, women and children in an Indian village. A philosophy of life and a sense of community. An exciting and expansive flight from the different worlds of the prairie tribes and living together with nature.

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