Gatherers delight

6 h


65 - 75€ / person


Up to 8 people

Group size

Spring - summer


Service description

These most beautiful Murueide daughters (mythical entities in Estonian folklore, they roam the woods and have eternal youth) will not go to the woods with a plastic basket. This package includes a birch tree or spruce basket workshop and a blueberry hike in the bog. We sew handsome baskets in the Indian style with fir roots.

Plan a two-part outing for your tribe. The first of May-June, when the bark of the trees is open, and it is possible to stock up on fresh material for you. The second trip is in July-August when the blueberry fields turn blue in the swamp. The Chief of the Preeriaküla will lead you there; we will enjoy the views and pick berries.

The workshop takes a few hours and takes place in the Indian village of Prairiekoja. Then, we will go on a blueberry gathering hike to the nearby marshland. We fit the trek into three hours.

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