Camping in Tipi village

Rest your head and feet.

A unique accommodation option that takes you to the heart of nature and offers an extraordinary experience. Imagine yourself as a member of an Indian tribe, enjoying a simple and peaceful life, surrounded by pristine nature, where the wisdom of ancient customs and the forces of nature come together.

Tipi village accommodation invites you to live in authentic Indian tents carefully made using traditional materials and techniques. Surrounded by mysterious forests, relaxing rivers and a unique landscape, this place offers the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and rediscover your inner peace.

In the evenings, we gather around the fire to enjoy the heavenly starry sky and listen to ancient stories passed down from generation to generation.

Tipi village accommodation is ideal for those who want to experience something extraordinary. Here, you can connect with nature, learn to respect the earth and plant spirits and find the Indian tribe member hidden in your heart.

Staying in a Tipi village is rustic and one of a kind. We must do without the comforts we are used to in regular accommodation. But an unforgettable experience and a good night’s sleep are guaranteed.

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Camping in Tipi

Staying overnight in a Prairie Indian mobile home is a unique experience. A good and pleasant sleep is guaranteed.

Price upon agreement
All year long

Jurt glämping

A romantic stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt built on the banks of two small lakes.
80 EUR/night
Available in May-October

Tipi - a portable home of the Prairie Indians.

The tipi was a mobile, wind and rainproof, snow and cold shelter for the Prairie Indians and pleasantly cool in the heat – an upright house. The word’s origin is Dakota ti-pi, meaning a place where one lives. The original tipis were sewn together from up to 15 bison skins.

A cone-shaped living space with a round floor plan was formed by attaching a sizeable weatherproof cover to 12-20 slats. As recently as 150 years ago, this portable dwelling was the best available housing for people wandering the plains of North America.

A living fire in the centre of the house serves as a heater and stove, and skins on the house floor serve as sleeping places.

The tipi door opens to the east – where the new day rises. Tipi herself embodied a female being from whose bosom the house inhabitants were reborn every new day.

When, after the day’s work, we gathered again in the evening around the sacred fire in the protective bosom of the tipi, we knew that one remarkable life had been lived again – one day had passed. And when the sun rose again, they started to live one life again in gratitude, without being overly disturbed by the possible failures and mistakes of the previous days – a new day, a unique opportunity.

In this way, every day and moment’s uniqueness was valued, and an effort was made to live a brave, honest and fulfilling life, always respecting others and the Earth.

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