Let your spirit fly in our tipi village.

Our tipi village offers exciting and unique experiences for larger and smaller groups.

Chief recomends

Escape-forest missions

In the forest versions of the escape rooms, there is no risk of getting lost in the woods. Still, the possibilities of getting lost in the solution passages can only be limited by imagination and fenced escape forests with ghostly legends waiting to be solved.

Discover your tribe's oasis in the Outback.

Unlimited free wild west awaits you and your tribe. A place where souls find peace and minds are refreshed. Discover soul-invigorating hiking trails, connect your people with heart-warming campfires, and experience an uplifting encounter between man and nature.

Pristine marshes, slopes and bogs are waiting to be discovered. Dive into the beginning of the great river’s journey and adventure like our ancestors who have explored this land for tens of thousands of years.

Sometimes, rushing into the distance, we realize that we have forgotten something important – a primitive person, a survivor and a true sense of tribe.

Preeriakoda is the oasis of the last of the Mohicans. Over 17 years, this place has developed and merged with the local nature. Chief Pool Põtra has made everything himself – from tipi tents to other details. However, the most significant values here are the pristine nature around us and within us and a deep sense of tribe.

Camping in tipi village.

A unique accommodation option that takes you to the heart of nature and offers an extraordinary experience. Imagine yourself as a member of an Indian tribe, enjoying a simple and peaceful life, surrounded by pristine nature, where the wisdom of ancient customs and the forces of nature come together.

Tipi village accommodation invites you to live in authentic Indian tents called tipi-s, carefully made using traditional materials and techniques. Surrounded by mysterious forests, relaxing rivers and a unique landscape, this place offers the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and rediscover your inner peace.

Here groups turn into tribes.

The tipi village creates a unique environment where groups become strong tribes. Joint activities and tasks help develop a strong spirit of cooperation, learn to consider each other and make a more profound sense of belonging.

In the tipi village, shared values and goals are discovered, which help each tribe to grow and learn to know and support each other better. Come and experience how the Indian village unites different people into real tribes!


Enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your family and get new experiences away from Netflix and smartphones.

Companies / Teams

Do something unprecedented with your work-tribe, relax and grow a sense of togetherness.

Schools / Classes

Come with your school or class to our study day, develop team spirit and acquire new knowledge.

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