Snowshoe workshop and hike

6 h


65-90€ / person


3-8 people

Group size

All year


Service description

Practical day that combines a hike and a workshop. First, we walk together for about an hour, collecting the necessary material from nature to make fast and functional snowshoes. We get to know the materials that nature provides. Next, we move to the Tipi village’s big hut to make snowshoes around the campfire. The workshop lasts about 3 hours. Between crafts, we discuss the life of nomads, winter and survival. Finally, we are proudly ready to go on a little hike to try out the utensils made with our own hands. Snowshoes made by nature and made by your own hands on the wall of your home are a testimony of the acquired native calling.

On the way back, we may have discovered a piece of the outskirts of our soul world.

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