Midsummer’s Night Swamp Tour

10-14 h


60€ / person


Up to 10 people

Group size

Jun - Sept


Service description

A swamp is not the friendliest environment at midday in the buzzing summer heat. Instead, sunsets in the sun’s warm rays and early mornings with iridescent dewdrops are charged with magical energy. However, summer evenings are late, and the morning begins in the middle of the night. So, on the one hand, you arrive home very late; on the other hand, you have to wake up before you have fallen asleep.

We have a solution for you. A stand-up tent in a bog provides a pleasant opportunity to spend a summer night in a swamp. In this way, you can enjoy an enchanting sunset, get a few sweet hours of sleep in the summer house on the short summer night, and don’t have to drive from home in the middle of the night to the magical bog sunrise. The sunset and sunrise spa swamp is a good match.

Light evening snack and morning coffee. We pick a few handfuls of blueberries or blueberries for an early morning meal. Then, at 9 in the morning, the sun is already high, and everyone can return to the summer’s best start to an active day.

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