Bachelor party in Tipi village

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Up to 30 people

Group size

All year


Service description

Are you looking for the best place for a bachelor party? Here it is! What could be a more suitable surprise for a soon-to-be-married man than to spend a day full of practical and manly activities in our Tipi village with his best friends?

Real togetherness and sense of tribe. Certainly, a survival training hiking trail full of bushcraft exercises is ideal for preparing for (assisted) life. In addition, a Tipi village wild-west skill test tournament, an escape-forest mission, a marsh hike or a simple workshop so that the future companion can immediately take a gift from the forest with him.

And if we also add spending the night together around the fire in an Indian tipi, the marriage will be full of power, and the men’s tribe will also last.

The day can be filled with various prairie village activities, look around our page and find the one that suits you.

PS! It is also possible to stay with us as a group.

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