Survival and bushcraft

ca. 2 h


25€ / person


Up to 10 people

Group size

All year


Service description

The only hiking trail for survival training in Estonia. A 1.5 km scenic forest hiking trail starts from the our campsite. At the exciting survival huts along the route, there are tutorials and tools to train the skills you need to survive in the forest. Completing the course and solving the tasks there takes about 2 hours. Suitable for groups of up to 10 people. It is also possible to divide into several groups by going to the track with a delayed start.

These are the knowledge and skills that our predecessors have encountered daily and successfully solved for tens of thousands of years. Unfortunately, however, the last centuries of humanity have taken us very quickly and far from this survival tradition, i.e. the proper knowledge of nature.

Acquiring this rudimentary knowledge and skills is an honour for your tribe. The trail is physically easy to complete but full of exciting activities.

60 € is added to the track with an instructor. The group price is €180.

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