The tracker’s hike

3-5 h


sp. 45€ / person


Up to 20 people

Group size

Winter (with snow)


Service description

On this hike, our guides will be wild animals. The Chief of the Preeriakoda will spy one out for you who is currently active in the immediate area, whether it’s a moose, fox, wolf, lynx or even a bear. We will follow whoever has set a path for us with their latest trail line. On the way, we read what is written on the landscape as a trail line. In this way, we can participate in wild animals’ fascinating and mysterious life and customs.

We follow the tracks for 2-5 kilometres. During this distance, if we are lucky, stories of foraging, hunting, escape or fall, relationships, weddings and territorial marking, friendship and enmity or hunger and happiness can unfold before us.
In addition, we also talk about the life and activities of natural people and their relationship with wild animals. You will surely discover a piece of genuine native land in yourself again.

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