A pristine two-day hike

ca. 16 h


95-180€ / person


3-8 people

Group size

All year


Service description

Especially adventurous groups do it like the real thing.

On a 2-day journey through swamps, forests, bogs and cultural landscapes, you can get an idea of the life of real nomads.

Here the group feeling grows, and everyone’s spirit is hardened; we learn to know ourselves, support others and notice the weather.

In the evening, when we get to rest around the campfire in the hut, we prepare a traveller’s dish and tell stories about the life and customs of real prairie nomads. Then, having passed the night in the tower house, we continue the exciting journey the next day.

We pass untouched forest, marsh, and bog landscapes on the hike. We cross smaller bodies of water and come across the tracks of moose, wild goats, pigs, and foxes. Although it is not uncommon to cross the hiking trail with wolf or lynx tracks, we have also spotted fresh bear tracks in early spring. If possible, and if we have energy reserves, we will also explore these exciting trail lines. We finish the second hiking day before sunset.

Includes: tour guide, hiking food, overnight stay in a lodge, snowshoe rental, and transportation from the hiking end point back to the starting point

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